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Drop Dead Lims

a fashion lims

Drop Dead Lims - A Fashion Lims
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Welcome to Drops Dead Lims

this lims is for people who want to participate in a lims for Modelling/Fashion.The meaning behind the name is that you may say some one is drop dead gorgeous and as this lims is for modelling/fashion i played with the words to create drop dead lims :). Rules will be posted every week but the generall rules are;

x.No inappropiate language or hatred towards others (mild language is allowed though)
x.You must join and sign up to enter the challenge
x.You automatically get one skip but you have to ask for a skip
in the skip post which is posted at the start of each challenge.
x.If you have no skips left you will be disqualified or you can drop out
x.You may only use the images provided
x.All effects apart from animation is allowed
x.When you want to participate you must sign up and comment with theword "drop dead gorgeous" so we know you have read the rules


A challenge lasts for as many rounds accroding to howmany people are signed up once signed up you enter each round and may get voted out one week at the end of a challenge there will be three icon makers and the one which gets first place will be the one who has won the whole challenge. You must vote each week for a certain amount of icons which you feel are lesser quality and you must state your reasons why and also you pick a favourite icon which will win peoples choice and one icon may win mods choice

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Sister Communities

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if any one feels they are a sister community only relavant fashion or modelling just ask, the reason why the communities listed arent fashion is because they are my other comms :)


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if you would like to become and affiliate just ask - we only accepted icontest, awards, lims and other communities relevant to this type of community


Challenge 1:?

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